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Grazing Table and FAQ for Wild Whisk Catering



How do we book you, do you require a deposit?  Our bookings are exclusively online and easy to manage with a contract and an invoice sent to your email.  We heavily incentivize paying in full at the time of booking by offering freebies and/or discounts but you can also leave a deposit of $1250 with the balance due two weeks prior to the event.  A deposit negates the incentives.

What if I don't know my headcount yet?  No problem.  Nobody really knows their headcount for sure until the day of the event but we recommend picking a number you feel fairly sure about and then we can add an additional invoice after the RSVPs have come in.  We always cover up to 10 more than you expect for free and if you go over 10, we will invoice you for all of them over the number originally paid for. 


My venue requires insurance and full service catering, can you comply?  Absolutely, we will send a certificate of Insurance to the venue and list them as an additional insured.  Unless otherwise noted or discussed, we are always full service and our rates include everything from travel and servers to plates and bussing tables. 

Can we select our plates and utensils?  YES!  We have free standard nice plastic disposable plates that are quite nice with a silver rim and silver toned plastic utensils but if you want compostable plates, plain white, clear or something custom, we can definitely order what you select but there is a fee. 

Do you provide bottled water?  NO!  It takes up too much room in our vehicles but your wedding party and vendors will need water during set up so please be prepared to provide bottled water in the venue's fridge or a cooler for the time before the ceremony and for after the catering team leaves.

Do you provide ICE?  Yes, if there is no ice machine at the venue but it's always a good idea to have back up ice for a summer wedding in Texas!

What does your staff wear at our event?  We wear black LuLuLemon pants and top.  We need to be comfortable.  Catering is a very physical activity, and we never stop walking, carrying heavy trays of food, and moving equipment so it's important we are dressed appropriately.  We like our staff to look clean and professional and they are expected to meet those standards, but catering is as messy as it is physically demanding.  We are open to wearing suggested colors to suit your theme if you wish but we draw the line at formal attire and cummerbunds.  If that's what you're looking for, we aren't a good fit. 

Where is the food prepared and how does it get here?  We do all cooking offsite in our catering kitchen in Cibolo and we travel with it in Cambro boxes that keep it hot and secure from spills.  It's important that food we cook be cater-worthy and hold up over several hours and on a chafing dish (hot steamtable dishes with sterno fuel below to provide the heat) so sometimes we will steer you away from certain recipes that just don't travel well.  But we can also do some cooking on site if your venue allows it.  Usually this would be appetizers that need to be carefully curated and styled or need to be flash fried.  

Do you do tastings?  We do tastings for free for paid in full clients one month prior to the event at the venue when possible.  This allows us to do a walk-through and allows you to give us feedback on the recipes. It also means things are fresh in our minds and little details are less likely to get lost.  We are a smaller family-owned company with other business ventures as well and tastings prior to a booking take up too many resources for a "maybe".  Our prices reflect and incentive to trust our reviews and referrals and we go above and beyond to reward that confidence in us.  But we know that's not right for everyone, and we totally understand.  There are plenty of big catering companies who offer exploratory tastings, and their prices reflect the cost of the losses incurred from doing so. 

Is Gratuity included?  It's never expected but always appreciated and we consider it included if we meet your expectations.  If we exceed them, your generosity is appreciated in the form of a tip or a review or both!

Do ya'll offer Street Tacos or a Taco Bar?  Yes!  But because we are from SA, we know tacos must be served on freshly fried tortillas, so we bring a flattop griddle to the venue and cook them outside and transfer to the buffet table or plates.  So if your venue doesn't allow any on-site cooking, that needs to be considered!

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