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Stephanie Goldsmith

Wild Whisk Catering 
A Boutique Family Owned Catering Local Business Customizing every project to fit your event's vibe!





We began catering 8 years ago when we realized most event food sucked.  We had hosted enough events and knew enough about crowd dynamics to think we could do it better so here we are!  Our focus is not only on flavor but visual style, easy edibility, and food that fits your vibe.  We are custom caterers and have ZERO restaurant experience or hotel experience so we aren't limited to the way things "should" be done or how much they "should" cost.  We won't 'should' all over you with extra fees, hidden costs or wasteful time management.  Tell us your dream and we will find a way to squeeze it into your budget with flexibility, creativity, and confidence!

Grazing table for wedding boutique catering

Pricing and Menu Inspiration

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